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We welcomed a lot more hair than usual into our studio by the names of Kimberly, Neil and Reid, aka the fabulously-follicled family that makes up The Band Perry!

They joined us to talk about their first #1 as songwriters with “Done” - complete with Blair, Terri and Chuck’s imitation of the ‘falling off a cliff’ song ending, and also shared stories about being together as a band for over 15 years, childhood horse memories and staying in a haunted hotel, as well as taking YOUR twitter questions on the air!

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Here’s row2k’s list of the 15 erg songs for your winter 2013-2014 erg playlist.

A couple notes on how songs were selected as this is obviously a highly subjective list:

  • Each song is from the last year (or so)
  • Only one song per artist as there many artists with multiple songs
  • We tried to bring a variety of genres of music for a variety of types of erg pieces
  • Some contain some explicit lyrics
  • No Miley Cyrus
  • Songs listed alphabetically by artist
  • Spotify playlist here

    Avicii - Wake Me Up 
    "The chorus just works on the erg ("wake me up when it’s all over… I didn’t know I was lost")" 

    Bastille - Pompeii 
    "A great track for the erg, though some of the lyrics hit a little close to home." 

    Capital Cities - Safe and Sound 
    "Infectious groove and a horn section that features a killer hook… plus the title speaks to staying indoors and erging." 

    Dvbbs - Tsunami 
    "A real erg room banger." 

    Eminem - Berserk 
    "Fast and hard with a good rhythm for short pieces. It rocks the house." 

    Fall Out Boy - My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark 
    "This one is great for when you reach the dark places at the end of a piece." 

    Grouplove - Ways To Go 
    "Great song for a 6k, and you always got a little bit longer!" 

    Kanye West - Black Skinhead 
    "This one’s a bit rough and tumble but our team has found it works for just about any type of erg workout." 

    Katy Perry - Dark Horse 
    "I feel like a total badass cranking out an hour of power when this comes on. It’s a perfect storm." 

    Lady Gaga - Do What You Want 
    "Because the erg does what it wants with my body." 

    OneRepublic - Counting Stars 
    "An upbeat song with great lyrics for the erg." 

    Pitbull - Timber 
    "This one has to be included as I hear it in the erg room every 20 minutes." 

    Swedish House Mafia - Greyhound 
    "Hard bass for anaerobic threshold work." 

    Vampire Weekend - Unbelievers 
    "This is one of my go to songs for those long steady state pieces." 

    Zedd - Clarity 
    "A dance track with a good beat." 

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